Frequently Asked Questions

Is Applisonix better than laser?

Applisonix technology has a number of advantages over laser technology because of the characteristics of ultrasound energy and the way it is applied by IMPRESA™.

The efficacy is expected to be similar to that of light-based solutions, but unlike such solutions it is not limited to the combination of dark hair and light skin. Due to the selectiveness of the energy transfer, safety is expected to be significantly better and pain significantly lower.

What is the recommended interval between Applisonix treatments?

Typically an interval of 4 weeks is recommended. Your Applisonix certified therapist can advise you personally more accurately on this following your initial consultation.

Are Applisonix results permanent?

Long-term results are dependent on genetics, hormones and medications which can induce hair growth. Nothing biological can ever be guaranteed permanent.

How many Applisonix treatments are required for each area?

Typically a course of 6 to 12 treatments is required to catch each hair in its anagen phase (growing phase). After this course of treatments, you periodically you may require top up treatments to treat semi-dormant hairs which only come in to anagen on an annual basis.

How many Applisonix treatments does it take to permanently remove a hair?

Treated hair in the anagen phase should not re-grow following a single session. New growing hairs (previously not in anagen) will need to be retreated.


Can I be treated by Applisonix if I am on photosensitizing medication?

Yes unlike laser you can be treated as the surrounding skin is unaffected.


Can I be treated by Applisonix if I have a suntan in the treated area?

Yes unlike laser you can be treated as the surrounding skin is unaffected.

For Applisonix does it matter what colour skin I have?

Irrespective of the colour of your skin, you are suitable for Applisonix treatments as the skin is not effected. Applisonix technology can even be used on pigmented areas, like the areola (nipple) area and on mucous areas (nose hair, ear hair..etc).

Can white hair be treated by Applisonix?

Unlike laser hair removal all colour hairs can be treated as the ultrasound technology does not rely on the colouring (melanin) in the hair to be effective. Applisonix is even effective on real fine downy hair which was previously not treatable.

Is Applisonix treatment painful?

The applisonix treatment is virtually pain free as the ultrasound waves do not dissipate into the surrounding skin tissue which contain the main pain receptors. therefore the treatment can be carried out on even the most sensitive areas.

How often should I have a facial?

Generally every 4-6 weeks is recommended, however this very much depends on the client and their needs. For example if there is a particular concern that can be treated with a course of facials, this could be as regular as once a week or if the client benefits from the relaxation of a facial they may treat themselves as required. It is important that the client follows up their facial with a good home care regime. All of these issues can be addressed during a consultation with one of our therapists.

I am a 25 yr old and I find that I am having breakouts, what can I do?

You do not mention where you are breaking out - for example is it around the chin area? There could be several reasons for this.

Firstly it could be hormonal. Are you breaking out pre-menstrual cycle? If so this can be normal.
Another possible cause would be inadequate home care - do you cleanse and tone?
How often do you exfoliate?

We would recommend a consultation for a skin analysis where we would examine the skin. This would be followed up with a recommended course of treatments and products that would help, as every case is different.

I have white spots under my eyes - what are these?

These are most likely white heads - better known as milia. These are small deposits of sebum between the follicle and the corneum and are very common. Good results can be obtained from the extraction of milia, but this must to be performed by a trained therapist. To minimise the problem, never use heavy skin creams loaded with emollients and try to avoid camedogenic type products. We recommend the Yonka Phyto eye contour cream as our clients have had excellent results with this product.

I have blackheads on my nose, I have tried toners, face washes etc. but can't get rid of them what can I do?

Try a deep cleansing facial - such as Yonka Le Grand Classique, and we can also provide a consultation on how to try to prevent them.

I usually wear dark coloured polishes, but when I remove them my nails are stained, what can I do?

Dark coloured polishes contain a higher level of strong pigment which may stain the nail plate - by wearing a base coat you can prevent this. Try buffing the nails first, this will help reduce ridges and polishes the top layer of the nail, therefore making it less likely to absorb the pigment. We highly recommend the Eisse Cherry Pop base coat.

At what age should I start using anti-ageing products?

We recommend that it is best to begin between 25 and 30 years of age but again this will very much depend on the client and their skin. We recommend that before commencing any such treatment that a full consultation is carried out. This would be followed up with a recommended course of treatments and products that would be suitable, as every case is different.

My friend and I have never had a beauty treatment before. We are both in our late 50's and feel it would be nice to treat ourselves but also feel we are beyond help and would be nervous coming into a salon?

Delighted to hear from you, and you are never too old. We have a wide range of clientele made up of men and women at all life stages. There are many treatments you could avail of but as you mentioned you both feel apprehensive. Well why not try one of our most popular treatments; Double Delight.This comprises a luxurious back massage and hydralessence facial to hydrate and revive all complexions. You could even book our twin room and enjoy the experience together.

What product should my daughter use for acne?

We would recommend that your daughter has a consultation with one of our fully trained therapists. She would give specific advice on our Skin Analysis Facial Treatment which would show which products she would benefit from, or she may advise on the need to seek medical advice.

How often should I exfoliate?

The general recommendation is that you should exfoliate once or twice a week. As the skin renews itself every 28 days it is important to remove the dead skin cells which cause your skin to appear dull. There are a variety of exfoliators from peeling creams and gels to scrubs containing polished grains which help remove 'old' dead skin cells. It is important to choose the correct one for your skin type. We highly recommend the Yonka Gommage which is an excellent all-round product as it also purifies and hydrates the skin and may be left on overnight. Due to the variation in skin types we would also recommend a thorough consultation to determine what is right for you.

Is Cleanser and Toner better as separate products or as 2 in 1?

We recommend that you use separate cleanser and toner as both have a different role, so enabling you to get the full benefit. Among the products used and recommended by Allure are Thalgo Cocooning cleansing milk and Yonka Lait Nettoyant.

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